In the News

July 2015, Fox KTVU

The owner of Oakland’s Empyrean Towers relinquishes control to CRG and agrees to pay for significant repairs.

July 2015, The Press Democrat

The City of Ukiah intends to begin the receivership process for the historic Palace Hotel, with CRG tapped as the receiver.

April 2015, The Galt Herald

Dismal conditions of a Galt inn led to its forced closure and CRG’s appointment.

May 2014, Paradise Post

A Butte County judge appoints CRG to rectify the health & safety violations of The Skyway Carousel Motel.

April 2014, Ukiah Daily Journal

The Ukiah city council considers appointing CRG to hasten the rehabilitation of the Palace Hotel.

September 2013, Glendale News-Press

Excessive home improvement lead to the court-ordered sale of a Glendale property.

June 2013, Orange County Register

CRG shepherds the demolishment of the Saddleback Inn following calamitous fire damage.

March 2013, Orange County Register

The former Saddleback Inn suffered its 3rd major fire in two years:

December 2012, Newport Beach Independent Online

CRG reaches an agreement with a Newport Beach resident ordered to disassemble the 72-foot boat he was building on his property.

October 2012, Newport Beach Independent Online

The Orange County Superior Court appoints CRG to settle a conflict between the City of Newport Beach and a resident building a 72-foot boat on his property, well above the 35-foot limit.

November 2011, California Watch

More California cities turn to receiverships like CRG to rectify various property issues.

June 2011, OrovilleMR News

Oroville taps CRG as receiver to remedy health & safety violations afflicting the Oroville Inn.

January 2011, Pasadena Star-News

CRG helps move 18 of 42 tenants in The Village Inn, a Whittier property deemed unsafe by the court.

December 2010, Pasadena Star-News

CRG aids in the relocation of residents displaced from an unsafe Whittier property called The Village Inn.

August 2008, The Orange County Register

CRG spearheads the rehabilitation of a once-dilapidated Fullerton apartment complex.

July 2008, Del Norte Triplicate

CRG leads the controlled burn of a motel in Crescent City:

April 2008, Los Angeles Times

A federal judge rules that Duroville can remain open under CRG’s management while critical changes are made.

March 2008, Los Angeles Times

CRG’s appointment to Duroville prompts significant changes in the dilapidated slum.

February 2008, Los Angeles Times

A federal judge taps Mark Adams & CRG as Duroville’s temporary receivers.