Tulare County

Unforeseen Challenges Became an Issue We Had to Overcome in Working on this Fire Damaged Home


A Superior Court Judge appointed us to correct the health and safety dangers caused by a severe fire in this single-family home. The garden was littered with dirt and debris, and the pool had been partially filled with gasoline and was growing algae. The owner had a mental condition and dug tunnels underneath the house and pool, jeopardizing the foundation. After the fire, the owner resided either in the tunnels or in an unpermitted shed he built on the property. The structure also had asbestos, which required abatement, and there were delinquent property taxes –issues which we needed to fund before continuing our work. Thus, with little value in the property, there was no longer enough equity to cover the additional work needed to fix the issues onsite.



A Solution Which Ensures the Rehabilitation of this Property


Fortunately, we were able to find a buyer who is committed to rehabilitating the property and ensuring that it is safe and the hazards are abated. Under the direction of the court, we secured the sale and managed the property as it transitioned to the new owner. Our supervision will remain in place until the new buyer completes the remediation.