Tulare County

Finding a Future for a Neglected Home with a Low Property Value


Prior to our appointment this single-family home was left littered with accumulated trash and debris. There was significant damage to the roof, floors, walls and ceilings, and it was not safe to be inside. The lack of maintenance of the property made it a haven for squatters and the home was the target of repeated break-ins. With very low marketable value, it was a challenge to find the most economical path to correcting the state and municipal health and safety code violations onsite.


California Receivership Group Secures Sale of Ramshackle Property to Owner Who Can Rehabilitate It


Ultimately, we found that the best option to ensure a future for this home would be to sell it to a buyer with experience successfully remodeling properties in line with state and local laws. The owner of this property agreed, and we were able to find a mutually beneficial solution that pleased the owner and ensured that the dangerous conditions at the property would be rectified. We were able to secure a sale of the property to a buyer with the ability to remediate the hazards onsite in a timely and responsible manner. Our supervision will remain until the new buyer completes the remediation.