Santa Barbara County

Historic Property in a Dangerous State of Disrepair is a Menace to the Local Community


As a result of poor maintenance and unlawful home renovations, where a beautiful American Craftsman style home had stood for decades, we were appointed as the Receiver of this property as it had fallen into significant disrepair. Broken, littered with trash, and the exterior space housing illegal trailers, the home was a sore point within its quiet, charming neighborhood. Constructed in 1913, one of the first homes built in the town, the degradation of the property was especially apparent given its location next door to the city’s historical society.


Receivership Remedy Provides Route to Rehabilitate Nuisance Property


In the months prior to our appointment, a shooting had occurred at the property and the owner was in and out of jail, amplifying the health and safety code violations at the property. Municipal health and safety code enforcement officials repeatedly red-tagged the property, finding it unsafe for inhabitation due to comprised structural integrity, hazardous and unlawful home modifications, a lack of electricity, heating, and running water. Despite this, the owner repeatedly broke into and continued to occupy the property. Under the Receivership, we have been able to clean out and secure the property, and we are working with licensed contractors to abate the perilous conditions onsite and breathe new life into this historic home.