Riverside County

Unsecured and Unmanaged Property Attracts Vagrants Who Worsen its Deterioration


After the owner of this property sadly passed away, this single-family home was repeatedly broken into by vagrants. Those trespassing and squatting on the premises exposed the building to the elements and littered it with trash and refuse. The direct actions of the unauthorized persons onsite caused multiple fires inside the structure, which amplified the hazardous conditions inside the building. The site became strewn with rubble and it was extremely dangerous to the neighboring community.


Clearing Out, Safeguarding and Securing the Future of this Derelict Property


With little value in this property, we were not able to undertake the bulk of the clean-out work ourselves. However, we were able to oversee the sale of this property and we monitored the new buyer to ensure that they complied with removing the hazardous conditions onsite. The property is now cleaned out, secured and maintained in compliance with local and state health and safety laws by its new owner.