Riverside County

On CRG’s Watch an Abandoned Construction Site Becomes a Family Home


A Superior Court Judge appointed us to remove the dangerous conditions at this abandoned construction site that housed the frame of what could be a single-family residence. Yet, the owner deserted the property and the structure sat open to the elements, as well as vagrants who took to squatting inside. Having an unsecured construction site lay dormant indefinitely presents a significant hazard to the public and we needed to find a viable solution to ensure its safety both now and in the future.


CRG Secures Sale to Accountable Buyer and Oversees Renovation


As there was little equity in this property we were not able to renovate it ourselves. In fact, the property was worth so little that we could not even get the funding to demolish it. We found that the best option was to find a buyer with the dedication and wherewithal to renovate this property themselves. Our jurisdiction remained over the property and we monitored it as the new owner completed the construction and remedied the violations of health and safety laws onsite. What was once an empty shell, is now home to a family who have demonstrated their commitment to maintaining it.