Orange County

Property in Dire State Becomes Charming Family Home Under Receivership


Unfortunately, this property was in awful shape prior to our appointment by a Superior Court Judge. There were gaping holes in the roof where portions were missing, exposing the home to the elements and allowing vegetation, pests, and mold to accumulate. There was an unsafe accumulation of junk and debris littered throughout the property, and the building itself was structurally unsound. Working with our team of licensed contractors, under the direction of the court, we completely remodeled the structure and corrected the numerous violations of municipal and state health and safety codes on the property.



Receivership Works with Veteran Owner to Keep Him in His Home


We worked diligently with the owner of this property during the Receivership, ensuring that he always had alternative housing during the renovation and returning him to the restored property once the City signed off on the remediation work and confirmed that all violations of local and state health and safety codes had been abated. Ultimately, we want to make certain that he has a stable and safe home once the Receivership comes to an end and we are helping him to secure the necessary financing to keep his home in his possession.