Mendocino County

Historic Hotel in the Heart of a City is Closed for Business for Over Two Decades


Originally constructed in 1891, for many years this three-story, city-center hotel was a vibrant meeting point for its community. It was the site of many fond memories for locals who had visited the hotel for their school prom or a wedding, and the hotel’s restaurant and bar was the center of political gossip in the municipality. Sadly, this three-story, historic hotel was left vacant for over two decades, during which time the property degraded to a hazardous state.


Receivership Remedy Provides Path to Revitalize Landmark Property and Make City Center Safer


While many violations of state and municipal health and safety laws exist on the property, the most significant problem is that the property is not seismically sound. Given the size of the property and its central location in the heart of the historic, downtown neighborhood, it presents a significant danger to the general public in the event of an earthquake. Additionally, as the property was unused for so long, it has also been a haven for criminal activity. With the Receivership as a solution, we are excited to restore this beautiful, 19th-century property and to see it be a hub for the community once again.