Mariposa County

Unsuspecting Tourists at Risk After Ranch Owner Markets Dangerous Property as Vacation Hotspot


The owner of this 437-acre ranch built structures onsite without securing the required permits or hiring licensed contractors to carry out the construction, in violation of the law. When inspectors went to assess the buildings, they found them severely damaged with buckling roof supports, unsupported stairways, as well as broken and bowing flooring. Nine years passed where county code enforcement tried to work with the owner to rectify the unlawful conditions, but they refused to cooperate. Despite the owner’s knowledge of the perils onsite, including the risk of structural collapse, they continued to illegally advertise the property to unsuspecting visitors for short stays and as a venue for weddings and other special events.


Receivership Encounters Learning Curve as we Make Our First Purchase of Bales of Hay


We were appointed as the Receiver of this property in the wake of a terrible fire in Mariposa County. The owner evacuated the ranch, unfortunately leaving the cattle, horses, chickens, pigs and a dog without the necessary amounts of food and water to survive. Luckily the fire did not reach the property, but when we inspected the property days later, we found that many of the animals were distressed and dehydrated. We were able to purchase food for them and found a local caretaker to visit the property and feed them while we collaborated with animal control and the owner’s associates to re-home the animals.


California Receivership Group Utilizes Cutting Edge Technology to Manage Large Property


We have now secured the property and are working to demolish and rebuild safe and structurally sound buildings on the ranch. Due to the large size of the property, and because we wanted to find the most cost-effective way to monitor it as we work onsite, we have enlisted the help of drones as part of our efforts to effectively keep the property safe and secure.