Del Norte County

Securing a Deserted Home that Threatens the Safety of the Surrounding Community


Upon our appointment as Receiver, which was ordered by a Superior Court Judge, we found this single-family home to be completely unsecured, left open and accessible to all. An unlocked and open property can be a haven for squatters and criminals and, as abandoned homes are usually left with many health and safety issues, the combination of degradation along with criminal activity heightens the dangerous conditions onsite. This property was filled with trash and debris in quantities so enormous that it was impossible to enter the back of the house without kicking through a door. Mold was growing on the ceilings throughout the interior of the house and it was infested with insects.



California Receivership Group Finds Long-term Solution to Ensure Bright Future for Derelict Property


As the house had low marketable value, we had to seek the most economical path to correct the dangerous violations of state and municipal health and safety codes onsite. Additionally, we wanted to be certain that the route we took would provide the surrounding community with an enduring solution. We found that the most viable option for this home was to sell it to a buyer dedicated to demolishing and rebuilding it. After signing papers committing to rectify the nuisance conditions onsite within 6 months, a neighbor purchased this property and plans to knock it down. This home is on the path to being an eradicated cancer.