Del Norte County

Deserted Property Gains a New Lease of Life


After the owner of this single-family home sadly passed away, leaving no will and no apparent heirs, the building began to decay. A series of break-ins occurred and those squatting inside the property hastened its degradation. The vacant home became a nuisance to the surrounding community, and the dangerous volume of trash and debris littered throughout the interior and exterior of the home presented a fire hazard as well as an eyesore. As there was little equity in the property, we needed to find an economical approach to rectify the state and municipal health and safety code violations onsite.




California Receivership Group Finds Lasting Solution to Correct Hazardous Conditions at Property


Our first step was to execute a full cleanout of both the interior and exterior of the property. We then proceeded to board up and secure the property to stop the break-ins. Finally, we devised a security plan for the property so that eyes were consistently on it while we searched for a long-term solution. Ultimately, we were able to sell the property to a husband and wife team who were committed to restoring the property in a timely and responsible manner. To ensure that the health and safety code violations were corrected by the new owners the property stayed in Receivership, with our team monitoring it on a weekly basis until the construction work was complete and the City signed off on the work.