Contra Costa County

Abandoned, At Risk of Collapsing House Becomes Attractive Family Home


In the eight years preceding our appointment this property was deserted, the run-down structure abandoned and left to rot. Years of neglect put the house at risk of collapsing and it subsisted with an accumulation of dirt and debris. The shabby exterior was an eyesore that blighted the otherwise well-maintained neighborhood and due to its precarious foundation and lack of maintenance, it was a danger to the surrounding community. City officials attempted to work with the owners to remedy the perilous conditions onsite but their efforts fell on deaf ears.


Receivership Remedy Puts Nuisance Property into Dependable Hands Who Remodel it


On multiple occasions, the City’s Fire Department had to expend their own resources to enter the property to remove excess rubbish, weeds, debris and overgrown shrubs which were putting the property at increased risk of fire. With the Receivership remedy as an option, we were able to take this responsibility off the City’s shoulders so that valuable municipal funds could be utilized for more crucial issues. After being appointed as the Receiver of this property, we were able to clean up and secure the structure. We arranged a sale of the property to a new owner who has completely remodeled it and removed the violations of local and state health and safety laws.