Alameda County

Rotting Property is Transformed into Welcoming Home Through Receivership


Neighbors complained consistently about this property to local authorities in the fifteen years preceding our appointment by a Superior Court Judge. Indeed, when it was inspected by municipal health and safety code enforcement, they found it to be extremely dilapidated, structurally unsound, filled with debris, and unsanitary due to repeated trespassing and vandalism. In total, there were 120 ongoing and dangerous violations of state and local health and safety laws. Remodeling this property was not simple, as it was in such bad shape that we needed to restore nearly every part and system in the house. After the renovation, this home is almost unrecognizable from the degraded state it was in before.



Receivership Secures Permanent Housing for 101-Year-Old Former Owner


Once our construction work was complete and we received confirmation from the City that the violations had been abated, we planned to sell this property to a reliable buyer who would maintain it for years to come. At this point in time, we had not heard from the owner and we assumed that the property had been abandoned. Yet, one day out of the blue, we received contact from representatives for the 101-year old owner –an elderly lady, in an assisted living arrangement, who so desired to live out the rest of her days in her own home. Now that the property was safe to inhabit, we wanted to make her wish a reality. The fantastic efforts of our staff prevailed and we were able to secure a sale of the property to a buyer who agreed to allow the elderly former owner to return to her property and live rent free for the remainder of days, as was her wish. During this time, we continued to monitor the Property to ensure it did not revert to its original uninhabitable condition.



California Receivership Group Goes Above and Beyond to Ensure the Success of this Receivership


The solution we found worked very well, the elderly former owner was able to live at her home with the assistance of her caregiver. Habitat for Humanity pitched in and built a ramp on the property to make it accessible for her wheelchair. Our Northern California Office checked in regularly to make sure that she was ok and that the property was being maintained. We closed this Receivership satisfied that we were able to find a solution that pleased all parties involved. This Receivership proved to us just how unique each one of our cases is and how important it is that we are able to adapt to these differences and adjust our approach to meet their individual needs.