Monterey County

Blighted Property is Unrecognizable After it is Restored Through Receivership


Fire damaged, structurally unsound and at risk of collapsing, this property was in very poor condition when we were appointed as the Receiver and it was dangerous to be onsite. The structure was full of trash, infested with pests, lacking electricity, heating, and running water. We have been able to completely remodel the structure and abate the numerous violations of municipal and state health and safety codes on the property.


Receivership is Able to Secure Future Upkeep of Property Through Sale to Reliable Owner


Working with our team of licensed contractors, under the direction of the court, we renovated this property. The clean, modern home attracted a local teacher and her husband who are first-time buyers and are committed to maintaining the property for years to come. This was a big win for the community and many neighbors have expressed their satisfaction and relief.