In The News

Browse recent coverage of our cases in the news below:

  • Pasadena Star

    CRG aids in the relocation of residents displaced from an unsafe Whittier property called The Village Inn.

  • The Orange County Register

    CRG spearheads the rehabilitation of a once-dilapidated Fullerton apartment complex.

  • Del Norte Triplicate

    CRG leads the controlled burn of a motel in Crescent City:

  • Los Angeles Times

    A federal judge rules that Duroville can remain open under CRG’s management while critical changes are made. 

  • Los Angeles Times

    CRG’s appointment to Duroville prompts significant changes in the dilapidated slum.

  • Los Angeles Times

    A federal judge taps Mark Adams & CRG as Duroville’s temporary receivers.