In The News

Browse recent coverage of our cases in the news below:

  • The Galt Herald

    Dismal conditions of a Galt inn led to its forced closure and CRG’s appointment.

  • Paradise Post

    A Butte County judge appoints CRG to rectify the health & safety violations of The Skyway Carousel Motel.

  • Ukiah Daily Journal

    The Ukiah city council considers appointing CRG to hasten the rehabilitation of the Palace Hotel.

  • Glendale News-Press

    Excessive home improvement lead to the court-ordered sale of a Glendale property.

  • Orange County Register

    CRG shepherds the demolishment of the Saddleback Inn following calamitous fire damage.

  • Orange County Register

    The former Saddleback Inn suffered its 3rd major fire in two years:

  • Newport Beach Independent

    CRG reaches an agreement with a Newport Beach resident ordered to disassemble the 72-foot boat he was building on his property.

  • Newport Beach Independent

    The Orange County Superior Court appoints CRG to settle a conflict between the City of Newport Beach and a resident building a 72-foot boat on his property, well above the 35-foot limit.

  • OrovilleMR News

    Oroville taps CRG as receiver to remedy health & safety violations afflicting the Oroville Inn.

  • Pasadena Star

    CRG helps move 18 of 42 tenants in The Village Inn, a Whittier property deemed unsafe by the court.