California Receivership Group Experiments with Employing Drones to Monitor 437-Acre Ranch

As the Receiver of over 400 acres of land in Mariposa County, we faced a tough choice when addressing the security issues onsite. In our Receivership cases, we strive to use the most cost-effective security services to ensure that vacant properties are not being broken into and damaged. Every case is different and some properties require a greater use of security than others. We also endeavor to minimize security costs so that we have the maximum amount of money to use to work on remedying the health and safety violations on the property.

With so much ground to cover, initially, it seemed that the security costs for this property could be a hefty burden. We decided to experiment with lowering costs by using drones as part of our security plan to monitor this property while we work to fix the dangerous conditions onsite. The experiment has been a success as drone services have proven the be an economical way to quickly and effectively ascertain what is happening onsite and ensure that the property is safe and secure.