About California Receivership Group, BC


California Receivership Group was formed to provide a complete, turn-key solution for properties in repeated violation of Health & Safety codes. When appointed over a property as Receiver, the team is on-site immediately, beginning the process of fixing the property’s problems. CRG eliminates any dire threats posed to the owners, occupants and community, either by bringing in a construction team immediately or emptying the property if necessary. CRG is dedicated to protecting and preserving assets assigned to its custody and control while maintaining an ever-present sensitivity to the human and social side of the work.

CRG is able to achieve immediate and effective results by deploying a team built specially for problem properties. This team includes attorneys, contractors, accountants, receivership administration, clean-up crews, property managers, professional organizers, ground operations managers and financiers.

Our extended network includes all aspects of property rehabilitation; if we do not have the right person for the job, we will find them and bring them on board. For all our projects, we incorporate local community resources and talent as often as possible.

Mark Adams, President and Founder of CRG, is the most experienced Health and Safety Receiver in the State of California. CRG has been appointed by 129 different judges. We have been nominated by 103 cities as well as 34 counties to handle 222 different receiverships. We have vast experience managing the financial, political, social and economic intricacies that accompany this extraordinarily unique enforcement tool.